Tips to Write Effective Job Postings

Here are some tips for employers that will help to create an online job post for successful hiring.

1. Prepare a Detailed Description of the Job

First of all, make up the so-called job profile. Start with a list of necessary competencies of a required employee. Further, add an attractive description of your company and the working environment.

The job description should contain at least the following points:

  1. job title
  2. company name
  3. reason of job occurrence
  4. list of core competencies of the desired candidate
  5. main responsibilities
  6. about your company and working conditions in it
  7. requirements: education, experience, skills and knowledge, personal qualities
  8. location of workplace
  9. career opportunities, training and development
  10. salary and benefits package
  11. contact info.

Position description should not:

  • contain obscure abbreviations
  • include technical and specific terms, except for those that are needed to be understood by applicants for the position
  • unclear description of necessary knowledge and skills of the ideal candidate
  • contain optional and unnecessary work requirements for a position.

To make the right description of the requirements you can divide them into three main categories. That will help your applicants to understand the competencies clearly.

  1. Mandatory:compliance with them would give the candidate a chance to continue the examination of his resume.
  2. Desirable: those that you would like to see in an ideal candidate
  3. Optional: those that you can easily do without, if you are satisfied with the other competencies of a candidate.

This will facilitate the assessment of the candidates and will give a clearer picture of the job for applicants.

2. Simplify the Search of your Open Positions for Candidates

Put several options of your vacancy on each site. Start with the name. You can think of a lot of synonyms for many positions, for example:

  • Office manager / Secretary / Receptionist;
  • Manager of HR / HR-Specialist / HR Manager / HR Officer
  • Director / Head of the division, etc.

Think about a name that will give a feedback.Try to think as the applicant as if you were looking for this type of work for yourself. Analyze websites, compare other job posts and select the best option to maximize the number of views and responses of candidates.

3. Optimize your Job Positions for the Search Engines

Some people are looking for work without going to the “work” sites, but directly through the search engines, typing in the search box something like «Work lawyer». You should consider it. Applicants define different variations of keywords when searching for job posts and it is important to increase your chances of getting into the search results. Think of synonyms, or words of substitutes that may be used to find your “buyers” and include them in the text of the job post.Increase the number of keywords in your text, the ones that applicants can enter into the Google search box: job titles, city name, words«work” and “vacancy”.

4. Make the text of the job post attractive to applicants. Highlight its position among hundreds of others

The purpose of advertising is to attract potential employees to work in your company and make them to do a desired action – send a CVto your company.Your task is to sell the work in your company. Therefore, rules of making a vacancy announcement are the same as that of any ads and commercial offers:– Remember and write down the competitive advantage of your position and company: go through each item of position profile. What should be highlighted?– Highlight these advantages in the text.

If you cannot do that by yourself, ask your marketer. Their work is to create or find the product benefits and colourfully represent them to buyers.The position description should be made in terms of interest of the potential candidate, but not in terms of interest of the employer.

5. Do not scare good applicants with an excessive number of requirements

Sometimes there are absurd restrictions imposed on the applicants. For example, “branch manager needed, age 25 to 30 years with 5 years of experience at senior positions.” Where did the 25-year-old man can gain such a great leadership experience? Do not overload the position with all duties and circumstances which the candidate can theoretically face.A long list of duties may deter good applicants with low self-esteem. But the other extreme does not fit either – blur wording, phrases like”standard duties or duties”, according to the job description. It is better to highlight the key features and tell about them briefly and clearly.

6. Tell about your company as a good employer

Engage working in your business. Write a slogan which will advertise the most attractive side of the work in your company. If you interested a potential employee with a slogan, he will read all the job post. The description of an open position – is not only a means to inform people about existing vacancy, but also the opportunity to present the company itself. Therefore, it is important to convey the image of your company and the benefits as the best employer with a help of the text of the job post.

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