We all understand we are a “people” business, but seem to forget the whole “people” thing when it comes to interviewing. While not emblematic of all organizations – this is what typically happens in most companies when it comes to interviewing: Phone screen with Recruiter: A basic check of interest, skills, motivations and talk of potential next […]

“What is your greatest strength?” “Name a time you faced a challenge at work.” You’ve probably asked these generic questions more times than you’d like to admit. The problem isn’t just that they’re passé—it’s that candidates can see them coming a mile away and they’ve prepped predictable answers to your predictable questions. You don’t want […]

Some of the long-held ideas about how to conduct interviews are no longer accurate. For example, there’s no such thing as a surprise interview question anymore. Candidates can identify each of your likely interview questions and expected answers ahead of time. With that information, candidates now routinely prepare and video their practice interviews to the […]

Many star employees are probably ready to leave their companies. Is your business prepared to attract them? Employees have become consumers of the workplace. They’ll shop around for the organizations and roles that both meet their needs and align with their values. Can your current recruiting and hiring process compete with the top employers for […]

Millennials have a reputation for job-hopping. Unattached to organizations and institutions, people from this generation — born between 1980 and 1996 — are said to move freely from company to company, more so than any other generation. The data support this. A recent Gallup report on the millennial generation reveals that 21% of millennials say they’ve changed […]