Benefits of Hiring Someone With Lesser Experience

Employers select the best whenever they are hiring and experience is one of the main criteria that candidates should possess. Sometimes a candidate may lack the experience but they have the potential to perform very well. Very often employers overlook these candidates even though they are capable of performing exceptionally well. Sometimes it is wise to hire for potential and not experience. Hiring inexperienced candidates can be advantageous to your organization. Let’s see top reasons to hire someone with less/no experience.

No un-teaching bad habits

People with a lot of prior experience are necessarily people with a lot of habits. They have developed their own (or someone else’s) way of doing things over the years. Hiring them means training them double time: To carry out tasks in a way that works for your team rather than just rely on what they’re used to.

When you hire someone green, you have a blank canvas to work with. Everything from how they answer the phone to how they format an expense report can be easily customized to fit your business. By spending your time and expertise, you can help develop an employee who functions as though they were born to work for your company.

You will gain loyal employees

It is difficult for a candidate with no experience to get a job and so they will be looking for a permanent work. Experienced individuals are usually in high demand and so it is easier for them to resign if better opportunities become available. They are more likely to leave your organization than an inexperienced candidate if the grass is greener on the other side. An inexperienced candidate will have limited opportunities and remain loyal to your organization in order to build a professional profile. They will be loyal, long-term workers. Inexperienced candidates will be appreciative of the chance you gave them.

They are willing to learn and adapt

New employees without experience are willing to learn and work hard to prove that they deserve the job. They will go the extra mile and compensate for their inexperience. An experienced candidate will be knowledgeable but sometimes it would be difficult for them to adapt to changes. They are not flexible especially if the industry is different from their previous jobs. An inexperienced person will be flexible and adapt to the organization’s culture. They can tolerate the rules and procedures because they will be more open-minded. They are eager to learn new skills and will humbly take advice from their employers. An experienced employee can be difficult to curb when they are used to certain procedures from their previous job. This habit can be problematic.

Lower salaries with rewards for growth

Highly experienced hires have gotten used to a certain lifestyle that demands a particular salary level. Because inexperienced employees are newly entering a field, their expectations for compensation are often relatively low. This helps save you money until you have developed an employee who is worth the higher pay. Offering a 5 percent raise if someone completes a certification course or a bonus after they complete a predetermined number of major projects are strong ways to increase their appreciation of their responsibilities as a member of your enterprise.

Gratitude abounds

Seasoned workers are more likely to think they can get just about any job they apply for. Meanwhile, someone new to the industry is more likely to be eager to work and learn. This means that, as their first employer in an industry, there is a chance for you to build a relationship with them that will keep them loyal to the company. Lower turnover and higher employee satisfaction means more productivity and profit.


Inexperienced employees can be a blessing in disguise. Inexperienced employees will be innovative and bring in fresh ideas into the workplace. They are young and enthusiastic about changing the world.  They may be the person you need to take your organization to the next level. Give the young generation a chance to grow professionally. After all, they are the future.

Social responsibility

Hiring someone with less experience is one way you can effectuate social responsibility. Your company will be contributing positively to the society by hiring an inexperienced candidate. It will help to reduce brain drain. Recent college graduates will not have to search for jobs outside their country because your organization will provide them with opportunities to reach their optimum glow professionally. You can offer internships for college graduates and help them to transition into the working world. Hiring inexperienced graduates is an excellent corporate social responsibility. In order to get experience, they need the experience that you can offer.

Being more open-minded about hiring less experienced workers doesn’t mean that your company loses. If you’re willing to go beyond revenue and invest your time and expertise in your employees, you might find that you reap a strong company environment, heightened employee morale and increased productivity. All of which translates into more prosperity for your business.

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