These tests help analyse and predict the behavior and personality traits of the candidates.

A scientifically designed behavioral and personality assessment can provide useful insights for recruiters and managers to make the right selection for a role and/or position. The scientific nature of these assessments help in making a quick, informed and unbiased selection. They are also designed to make the recruitment process a self-sufficient one right from test administration, evaluation, and analysis.

Behavioral and personality assessments can be used to make the right choice of candidates who can add value to the business and make the workplace healthier and happier. In the case of existing employees, they can help identify training and development needs so they can contribute to the business growth to the best of their abilities.

Behavioral and personality assessment solutions can help assess generic personality traits, thinking style, motivational levels, workplace behavior, leadership style, customer service skills and prediction of sales success to name a few.

Every organization seeks employees who embody organizational values and culture. Similarly every job role has certain behavioral requirements that must come into play for optimal performance. Some people may do amazingly good in one role but not in any other, because of their behavioral makeup. For example, if Jack is a great accountant, can he also be trusted with the responsibility to lead the finance department? Does his behavioral makeup have the necessary attributes that can positively influence others in achieving the team goals? Similarly it can be very insightful to assess an applicant’s behavioral attributes for his desired job role and organizational culture.

We can help you decode the behavioral DNA that means everything when it comes to the individual / team performance and job roles. Our assessments are specifically designed to identify the personality traits impacting an individual’s professional life and performance

If you want to take our test, simply use the option ”Get An Assessment” and fill up the details. Not only you can get a personal assessment, but you can also invite your candidates, colleagues and employees to take the test. They will be invited on your behalf and we will share their assessment results with you

Yes, you can invite them through ”Get An Assessment” option. They will receive the test session URL by an email, which they can complete online and the results are emailed to the test administrator (applicant doesn’t see results). There is nothing to download. It all happens in any standard web browser (like Chrome and Firefox etc).

Your first assessment will be FREE OF COST. Subsequent assessments will cost you only $9.5 each.

We will send you an email invoice which will allow you to make payment through credit / debit card or any other mean of your convenience