It is important for today’s employees to build skills for a career and not just a job. Cross-disciplinary professional skills can be an asset in today’s competitive job market.

Use Job Ready’s recommended resources to find programs, courses and trainings that will help you launch and enhance your career, including certificates, post-graduate certificates, and crash courses at top training institutions.

Here are some online courses for a head-start in these growing professional fields.

An online course for result oriented project managers 

An online course for managers in sports industry 

An online course for current and aspiring managers of higher education institutions

Keep educating yourself through sabbaticals, MOOCs, and professional development courses. Valuable employees are employees who seek continuous improvement and skills updating. With the rapid pace of technological change in practically every industry today, it is important to stay ahead of the curve and demonstrate that you understand your value to the organization. Planned sabbaticals, online courses related to your career, and professional development seminars keep you competitive and up-to-date on your career skills.