Employers select the best whenever they are hiring and experience is one of the main criteria that candidates should possess. Sometimes a candidate may lack the experience but they have the potential to perform very well. Very often employers overlook these candidates even though they are capable of performing exceptionally well. Sometimes it is wise […]

The skills you need to enter, stay in, and progress in the world of work—whether you work on your own or as a part of a team. These skills can also be applied and used beyond the workplace in a range of daily activities. Fundamental Skills The skills needed as a basis for further development […]

Recently, a friend needed to hire an administrative and finance officer for an entry-level position in office administration. He advertised the post on one of the relevant internet sites. He received 500 applications for the post. After sifting through the CVs, he could only find seven that seemed to be good enough. He called the […]

Businesses of all sizes are facing recruitment difficulties with a perceived skills shortage cited as an issue. It’s a global issue and, if not addressed, skills shortages will hamper the long-term performance of organizations and economies alike. Skill shortages are costly and can hamper growth. The biggest skills shortage is being reported when hiring for […]

Today’s job market is tight. In some professions, the number of open positions actually exceeds the number of people available. One would expect that in this scenario, it wouldn’t be very difficult for companies to find entry-level employees or for fresh college graduates to find jobs; however, that’s not always the case. Did you know […]

They are the fresh entry in the world of work. The graduates are either hired by the companies during their requirement period during campus selection or they search for a job on their own. In many interviews, we can find new and fresh graduates looking for a job. It may be a good or bad […]