Behavioral Assessment Tests

A wide range of behavioral tests is used in the recruitment process to determine a job applicant’s work culture fit and team fit and predict performance fit. Recruiters are extremely cautious about hiring candidates with the right set of traits. Selecting a candidate with negative behavioral characteristics can affect the morale of everybody they work with, including peers, the people who will report to them, and other employees in the organization.

The type of behavioral traits that need to be assessed and the type of behavioral Tests used may vary from job to job. Some of the commonly measured factors include dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. A candidate’s response to these factors can help assess behavior that stems from thought patterns and internalized life experiences. The test is also widely used to create coaching and training programs for employees who wish to improve their right behavioral traits.

Traditional assessment practices such as phone screening or in-person interviews make it difficult to gain accurate insights into an applicant’s ability to solve problems, fit into the company’s culture, and ultimately succeed in the position. Failure to assess behavioral traits lead to costly mis-hires and demoralizing attrition rates Factoring behavioral assessment tests into the hiring process can help organisations better understand the temperament of a candidate through a series of scientifically designed questions and scenarios.

Job Ready’s suite of personality and behavioral assessment tests help organisations evaluate employees on various factors such as workplace thinking style, willingness to learn, leadership capabilities, generic personality, sales situational personality, and customer service orientation.

We leverage validated and reliable psychometric frameworks such as DISC Model, to help organisations gain an unbiased understanding of individual’s behavior and social skills. Our assessment platform enable companies to deploy personality tests, leadership assessments, and workplace behavior tests. Our online examination and talent assessment interface can help you administer a wide range of behavioral tests. The high validity and reliability scores help to identify the right-fit candidates with high emotional quotient (EQ), the right work ethics, and the right attitude.

Our personality and behavioral assessments comprise solutions to assess candidates’ generic personality, motivation and emotional intelligence in order to evaluate their suitability for specific functions, industries and roles.

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