2021 Grads Guide to Getting Hired

Today’s grads are savvy. They know they’re entering into a workforce different from their parents’. They’re drawn to technology roles and companies, and are invested in learning the technical skills critical to the jobs of the future. More than half take the leap to move away from where they went to school, landing in the country’s biggest cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Even so, new grads often ask us for advice on how to dive into the workforce.  

The first step is asking yourself: what are you in it for? What makes you tick? What are your short and long-term goals? Once you have that ironed out, it’s time to take a look at the opportunities in front of you.

Peak hiring season for new grads starts now

Last year, we saw applies start to tick up as early as January and continue to rise throughout the spring. Don’t worry if you’re still getting organized, though: hires start to peak in May and continue throughout the summer.

Craft your profile to represent the job you want, and make sure you update your Career Interests so we can make better job recommendations and recruiters can reach out with the right opportunities.

New grads are investing in learning the skills of the future

Technical skills related to data and artificial intelligence are some of the most in-demand skills and recent graduates are ahead of the game when it comes to investing in learning them. That’s smart,  because companies are scrambling to hire this talent.

We took a look at the skills new graduates were investing in learning in the six months after graduating.  We found they are uniquely pursuing data-related skills on Job Ready Learning, an indicator that young professionals are thinking about the future of work.

The top five skills new grads are uniquely learning are:

  1. Data Visualization (which combines data science and creativity, two of the most in-demand skills)

  2. Data Modeling

  3. Python

  4. Web Analytics

  5. Databases

If you’ve invested time in learning a new skill or getting a certification on Job Ready Learning, make sure you add it to your profile.

Don’t be pigeonholed by your major; it doesn’t dictate your career trajectory

Your liberal arts degree can take you places, and learning doesn’t stop at graduation. Our data shows these majors are the most versatile in landing a variety of types of jobs. So keep in mind what is most important to you, and find it.  

And if you don’t have a degree, don’t worry. Some of the largest and most influential companies in the world are hiring professionals without four year degrees for a wide variety of roles.

Entry-level pros in demand: Tech and consulting companies are hiring the most grads.

Tech and consulting firms remain at the top of the list of companies with the most entry-level hires, with Amazon leading for the second year in a row.

If you’re interested in tech, retail, consulting or banking, your next employer might be on this list. You’ll notice a few Top Companies, indicating these employers aren’t only hiring, they’re also in high demand among job seekers due to appealing workplace culture and opportunities for career growth.

Opportunity is out there: here are the most popular jobs for new grads

For the second year in a row, Software Engineer was the most popular role for new grads. It’s a role that has come under fire for lack of diversity in the past, but that may start to change as more women enter the field globally.

If tech isn’t your thing, teaching, nursing and sales roles are all on the rise as well. So, if one of these jobs interests you, there’s a good chance a company is looking for someone just like you – and there are thousands of openings.

  1. Software Engineer

  2. Registered Nurse

  3. Salesperson

  4. Teacher

  5. Accountant

  6. Project Manager

  7. Administrative Assistant 

  8. Account Executive

  9. Financial Analyst

  10. Account Manager

Healthcare, finance and education industries are attracting new talent

Despite technology and consulting companies hiring the most grads, the healthcare industry is the number one industry hiring recent graduates, followed by finance and education. All three of these industries have opportunities for a wide variety of roles and skill sets, so don’t rule something out because it’s outside your comfort zone.

Top industries new grads are getting hired into:

  1. Hospital & Health Care 

  2. Financial Services 

  3. Higher Education 

  4. Information Technology & Services 

  5. Retail 

  6. Marketing & Advertising 

  7. Computer Software 

  8. Internet 

  9. Education Management 

  10. Accounting 

If you’re looking for insight on what it might be like to work in a specific industry, spend some time exploring hashtags and Groups related to the industry you’re interested in. You can learn more about it — and maybe even find someone who can give you advice about finding your way in.

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