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Our professional profiling model is a well-established and trusted behavioral framework that is used by organizations to communicate effectively, build high-performing teams, effectively recruit, train, develop, and retain top talent

The evaluation reveals information about a candidate’s social traits, motivations, strengths, weaknesses and attitudes. These factors play an important role in determining the kinds of job roles & environments that will match the individual’s personality.

How can Job Ready’s assessments help my company?

Career Management


Team Building

Facilitates a better understanding of candidates’ strengths and areas for improvement. It can be used to establish appropriate training programmes, thereby enabling people to develop their talents, or to guide them towards a career path in which they can thrive.
Insights into the way your candidates behave and interact with others, as well as their strengths and potential limitations. Our competency framework allows you to compare their potential with the skills required for the position. You can conduct a deeper analysis by incorporating your own job referential or competency framework, thereby obtaining a more accurate fit with the job position.
The perfect tool for obtaining expert insight into your teams’ synergy. By identifying individuals' potential, it is possible to predict potential sources of tension, improve teamwork, and build effective teams. Our consultants will assist you in establishing a customised plan of action for the development of team cohesion.

In most jobs, your success is closely linked to your ability to work with others — your “people skills.” Leaders need to understand their team’s behavioral dynamics and motivations to help each person grow and flourish. It’s vital to know if employees’ behavioral traits are compatible with organizational vales, culture and job requirements; or not  

Sales professionals need to persuade, negotiate, and communicate value in a way that resonates with their clients. Recruiters and hiring managers need to create accurate job descriptions, identify the best candidate matches, and set up new hires for success. Coaches, trainers, and consultants need to help their clients lean into their strengths, manage their weaknesses, and be more productive.

If you’re trying to accomplish any one of these goals in your current job, you already know how important it is to understand the unique personalities of the people and teams you are dealing with. However, personality information is not always available or accurate.

With Job Ready, however, you have access to anyone’s personality profile within seconds. Job Ready uses a technology called Personality AI to analyze millions of online data points to identify someone’s personality. Together with traditional assessments, you can use this data to quickly understand a person’s behavior, motivations, and communication style.

With a powerful and flexible platform, Job Ready offers solutions for leaders, salespeople, marketers, recruiters, hiring managers, coaches, and anyone else who needs access to fast and accurate personality data. Without this, personality differences create problems.With Job Ready, personality differences give you an advantage.

90% of Fortune 500 companies use our behavioral assessment model for hiring and retaining the employees who are job-fit and organization-fit

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