Opportunities for Graduates & young professionals

We help trainees, graduates and skilled youth enter the corporate workforce by preparing them for the job market and marketing them to the potential employers based on their core competencies, not just their previous work experiences

meeting the demands of job seekers, employers & Industries

We provide the employers with excellent candidates who may be less experienced but are hardworking, talented, enthusiastic and desperate to learn and grow


Our primary focus is to enhance the youth career readiness and to better prepare them for the requirements of job market and providing perspectives. We are thus in a unique position to offer cost effective and better recruitment services due to wider access and reach within youth community 


Employer Branding

Your company’s customized, search engine optimized profile and promo video on job ads amplify your Employer Value Proposition! It’s the starting point for students, recent grads and early-career professionals to learn about your organization's employer brand, career opportunities and recruitment messaging.

Passive Candidate Database

With a growing list of high-quality candidate leads, you can spend more time working on those hard-to-fill positions and less time posting to various job boards or sifting through resumes.

Free & Low cost solutions

Our services are free of cost for every job seeker. Our freemium recruitment services can help employers save up to 80% of costs in comparison with other service providers.


Our fast growing community comprises of 18-24 year old career-oriented, ambitious university and college students and recent grads. As well as 25-34 year old early career professionals looking to advance in their career.

On desktop and mobile

65% of job searches are from mobile devices. Use Job Ready to provide the best job search experience anywhere.

Result oriented approach

Unlike other recruitment services, our core focus is youth employment instead of business. Thus we not only facilitate job seekers and employers in recruitment process, but also aim to improve candidates' employability through career coaching and professional training.

scholarships & internships abroad

Begin your career with a blast